• Pencil Holders from Old Jam Jars
  • A Touch of Ruffles – Tablet Cover Sewing Pattern
  • Hearty Felt Custom Coffee Mugs’ Cozy Tutorial with FREE Template
  • Vera Bradley Inspired Quilted Toiletries/ Cosmetic Bags Tutorial


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Sewing Tutorials

Scrappy Camera Pouch Tutorial

I’m sure you would adore this totally cute idea to use up the scrap fabrics. I’m totally in love with it. It would look perfect on a tote too! Get the tutorial for scrappy camera pouch here.

Fire Wood Tote Tutorial

Here’s another project for you to sew, and yet another tote and it’s a tutorial for a fire wood tote. Perfect for winters. Get the fire wood tote tutorial here.

Doll Stroller Cover Sewing Pattern

Now here’s something little girls would totally love! A new stroller cover for their dolls. And the best part is the sewing pattern is totally free. Get the doll stroller cover sewing pattern here.

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Pencil Holders from Old Jam Jars

I made these several months ago, and I had never thought of sharing them on the blog because they didn’t seem something so unique and special that I would write a blog post on them. But, last week I just got an idea to add a bow on the top which made it look uber […]

$75 Kate Spade DIY Flower Vase Knock-off Tutorial

Ah! Finally a tutorial! Today we didn’t have any labs so I thought I would just finish off the blog work. I made this knock-off vase this week but the final pictures were not done until today. Tough it is a quick process, I split the work in few days to fit in with the […]

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DIY Sequined Headboard from Foam Board for Dorm

Okay, I made my dream headboard finally! I had no clue that it would turn out so PERFECT! Like, I was so surprised. I just LOVE how it turned out. It’s affordable, disposable, light and does not require power tools at all! Great to make when you don’t have access to power tools.

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